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IT Managed Services

Delivering high performance with controlled risks and costs

Engaging our managed services will allow your organisation to accelerate its technology and digital transformation improvements without having to worry about the increasing risk and senior management distraction typically associated with business improvement projects.

Key challenges for organisations embarking on business improvement projects:

  • Distraction of senior team members typically associated with large project and risk values.
  • Lack of in house tech resource to support larger projects.
  • Cost of building and maintaining level of tech skills in house.
  • Overall distraction to the organisation and lack of business velocity.

Key benefits from engaging with managed services:

  • Access to a mature, experienced and skilled team, without the set-up costs.
  • Increased business velocity.
  • A dedicated account manager.
  • Detailed performance reporting.
  • Reduction in technology costs.
  • Clear service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Access to corporate and enterprise-level services and solutions.
  • Senior project governance and best practice.
  • Software development lifecycle (SDLC) based services.

Think of us as partners. Our managed services mean you’re free to embark on small, medium or large digital transformation projects, without having to worry about your own resource capacity.

You can engage us for business analysis, upgrades or migrations, or just for support and maintenance, and throughout the process; we will flag improvements that we consider will deliver value. Improvement tasks are pareto based so that areas with the highest value potential are targeted first.

We offer a range of flexible managed services to exactly meet your needs and ensure that you get the best performance for your investment and that your organisation, regardless of size or industry sector.

We offer a range of flexible managed services to meet your needs and ensure that you get the best performance for your investment in the timescales required.

Onepoint is leading IT managed services provider from UK.

Support for major improvement projects

Our managed services are intended as an alternative to the challenge of building and maintaining multi-skilled technology teams in house. We can analyse your specific improvement needs and provide you with separate specifications and costs. As a Onepoint managed services client, you will receive a reduction on our normal rates and costs as well as the obvious continuity benefit of the knowledge acquisition made and kept by our team that looks after your organisations need.

Examples of business improvements topics that could be included within a managed service are:

  • Digital transformation projects.
  • Solutions architecture.
  • Enterprise architecture.
  • Integration with CRM or other management systems.
  • Migrations.
  • Design revamps, design projects and theme replacements.
  • Upgrades (for example to responsive web design).
  • Creation of a disaster recovery plan.
  • Project planning.
  • Project Scoping & Specification development.

Our service offer

Data Management Solutions Technology Managed service offered PoC service offered Co-fund PoC service offered
BI Solutions (Data Analytics and Visualisation)
Data Management and Integration
Talend Data IntegrationYesYesYes
Talend Big Data IntegrationYesYesYes
Talend Master Data ManagementYesYesYes
Talend Application IntegrationYesYesYes
Talend Data StewardshipYesYesYes
Talend Data QualityYesYesYes
Analytics Discovery
Apache HiveYesYesYes
Apache PigYesYesYes
Apache MahoutYesYesYes
Apache SparkYesYesYes
Elasticseach - GraphYesYesYes
Cloud Architecture plateforms
Big Data Search & Indexing
Lucene / SolrYesYesYes
Elastic SearchYesYesYes
Business Process Management (BPM)
Big Data Management
Hadoop Distributions - ClouderaYesYesYes
Hadoop Distributions - MapRYesYesYes
Hadoop Distributions - HortonworksYesYesYes
Apache HiveYesYesYes
Apache PigYesYesYes
Apache MahoutYesYesYes
Apache RYesYesYes
NoSQL/real time infrastructure
Apache HbaseYesYesYes
Apache CouchDBYesYesYes
Graph Database
Neo4j Graph DatabaseYesYesYes
Predictive Analytics
Realtime Data Streaming
Confluent / KafkaYesYesYes
Apache SparkYesYesYes

How It Works


We review your needs and complete a discovery process and create a benchmark against which we suggest a monthly service agreement that suits your requirements (this can be changed at any time).

Pay monthly

You pay a monthly fee covering a minimum number of hours each month, which we will use to provide support, updates and ongoing improvements. We prefer a 12 months contract with a 3 month notice period in order to optimally assign and plan our technical resources.

Improvement plans

We develop a detailed 3-month plan and 12-month outline plan for improvements. Then we submit weekly and monthly reports to stakeholders so that everyone is aware of what is planned, what has already been completed and the results that have been achieved. All plans take into account your organisational requirements, and we will advise you if at any time these change and we feel your monthly hours need to be reassessed. Where we see the resource demand growing beyond the agreed hours we suggest the revisions required to bring the process back on track.

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