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About Onepoint

Onepoint was established in 2005 to specialise in enterprise architecture and open source consulting and solutions. Today we help clients worldwide assess, define and deliver successful digital transformation projects on a budget that suits each individual client. We consistently give our clients maximum value for their investment because, unlike many of our competitors, we analyse thoroughly both the value stream and risk before implementing any project.

Our Key Area of Focus

  • Solutions and Enterprise Architecture
  • Data management a Data Architecture
  • Analytics and Data Search ( Latent and Real Time, Predictive )
  • Business Process Automation
  • Systems Integration and Development

Why choose Onepoint?

Because we are both business- and technology-focused.  By performing a value stream analysis and value planning in addition to risk management, we are able to maximise the ROI of our clients’ digital transformation investments.

How do we describe ourselves?

  • Experienced.  We have driven digital transformation projects since 2005.
  • Results-driven.  We consistently add value by aligning IT to business goals.
  • Supportive.  We provide ongoing workshops and training.
  • Insightful.  We know the scale of the work that’s needed to be successful.
  • Cost-effective.  We work fast and efficiently and pass the cost savings on to you.
  • Flexible.  We can help at any point in your digital transformation journey.

Find out more about how we define and deliver Digital transformation.

How we work

We work closely with you to understand your objectives and to establish where your organisation is in terms of its digital transformation and the milestones that are required to meet your goals.  We also feel that it is essential to include a detailed analysis of the value stream of any extant or planned processes that may be required in the future.  This enables us to implement planned changes in the value stream to ensure that you fulfil the needs of your customers.

Managing risk to maximise returns

Risk is an inherent factor in any project, and that is why we seek to minimise risk throughout the project’s entire life cycle.  We do this by continually reviewing internal and external risk factors and determining how we can mitigate them in relation to your projects.

Our engagement models

Depending on the degree of detail with which your project is defined, you may wish to enter into either a time and materials or a fixed costs agreement.

  • Time and materials

If there is no formal specification, or you need greater flexibility, we can track our time against objectives, with invoice schedules on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, depending on the scale and nature of the project.  At the start of the project, we’ll agree a way of handling change requests that impact upon time and cost of delivery.

  • Fixed costs

Alternatively, you can use a specification approved by our technical team to fix your project scope, or, alternatively, we can work with you to develop and agree upon one. Again, we agree from the outset how to handle change requests that impact upon the time and cost of delivery.

Success stories

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