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How We Work

We ensure that we add value to your digital transformation by creating a project delivery roadmap and keeping waste to a minimum.

Value stream analysis

We ensure that we only add value to your digital transformation, by creating a project delivery roadmap and eliminating waste along that journey.

Managing risk to maximise returns

Certain risks are inherent in any project. That’s why we seek to minimise the potential for problems from the outset, and throughout the project’s life cycle.

We do this by continually reviewing internal and external risk factors, and how we can mitigate them, as they relate to the following areas:

  •       Solution architecture.
  •       Project management.
  •       Risk register and project management tools.
  •       Source code and version control.
  •       Requirements/functionality and analysis.
  •       Development and strategic delivery.
  •       Quality of work and testing.
  •       Disaster recovery plan and data backup.
  •       Human resource, skills and knowledge acquisition.
  •       Support, maintenance and improvements.
  •       Security.

Our engagement models

Depending on how well your project is defined, you may want to enter into a time and materials or fixed costs agreement.

Time and materials

If there is no formal specification, or you need flexibility, we can track our time against objectives, with invoice schedules weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the scale and nature of the project. At the start of the project, we’ll agree a way of handling change requests that impact on time and cost.

Fixed costs

Alternatively, you can use a specification approved by our technical team to fix your project scope, or we can work with you to develop and agree it. Again we agree from the outset how to handle change requests that impact time and cost.

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