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Aerospike delivers a flash optimised, in-memory open source NoSQL database for real time big data applications.

The open-source Aerospike database is a clustered and distributed database optimised for reliable, high-performance in-memory use. As a NoSQL database, Aerospike outperforms Cassandra, MongoDB, and Couchbase, and has been used since 2010 for front-edge application use such as session management and user profile stores.

It’s primary key focus delivers scalable and robust no-single-point-of-failure clustering. Rich APIs include mem-cached CAS interfaces, schemaless types, in-database operations such as increment, synchronous secondary indexes, efficient large lists and maps, and expressive APIs for languages including Node.js, Java, Scala, PHP, C C#, Go, and more. By also supporting analytics queries, real-time MapReduce, and in-database computation with user-defined functions, Aerospike provides rich database primitives.

  • Unlike other NoSQL databases, it delivers ACID reliability and durability. By writing a new database from scratch, industry insiders from IBM, Oracle, and others have delivered performance with proven multi-year uptime.
  • It’s unique use of Flash and SSD technology brings Redis-like in-memory performance to persistent, large-scale datasets, while also supporting RAM datasets.
  • Cloud integration supports it’s performance and robustness in high-scale environments like Amazon EC2, Google Compute, Internap and GoGrid. By choosing Aerospike, you will gain the ability to create cross-cloud infrastructure, and migrate between cloud providers. Robust geographic replication allows easy business continuity planning.
  • 10x better performance than other NoSQL databases in Thumbtack Latency Tests.
  • 15x fewer servers than other In-Memory Databases.
  • Run in pure RAM with spinning disks for persistence or as a hybrid memory database with RAM and flash.

Use Cases for Aerospike

AdForm scaled from a 32 node to a 3-node cluster, managing 1TB data at 120k TPS, and ‘divorced Cassandra’ to meet their goals.
KAYAK replaced their in-memory cache to achieve predictable high performance and enable smarter travel.
Gree manages over 1,000 campaigns per user with calculations completed within milliseconds.
Yashi cost-effectively manages billions of ad opportunities per month.
So-net achieves response times under 10 milliseconds.
Komli applies the science of search to display advertising.
Forensiq processes 1 trillion bid requests per month.
Key benefits of Aerospike
  • Multi-key gets in less than 3 milliseconds.
  • Deploy with ease and scale with very low jitter.
  • Very cost-effective.
  • Predictable high performance.
  • Handles business continuity and reliability seamlessly across data centres.
  • Real-time, predictable, consistent performance.
Features of Aerospike
  • 99% of reads/writes complete in under 1 millisecond.
  • Predictable low latency at high throughput. Read the YCSB Benchmark.
  • Server code in ‘C’ (not Java or Erlang) precisely tuned to avoid context switching. and memory copies. Highly parallelised multi-threaded, multi-core, multi-cpu, multi-SSD execution.
  • Indexes are always stored in RAM. Pure RAM mode is backed by spinning disks. In hybrid mode, individual tables are stored in either RAM or flash.
  • 1 Million reads per second on a single server. Watch the demo.
  • Scale Up with Terabytes per server in flash. See how AppNexus does it.
  • Scale Out with identical nodes in tightly coupled clusters.
  • Scale safely – no single point of failure, no hot spots, no proxies, smart clients go straight to the node that has the data.
  • Billions of records, massively distributed queries / aggregations. See who operates at global scale.
  • Row level locking and latching, immediate consistency with synchronous replication within clusters.
  • No service loss. Instant and automatic failover and rebalancing. Rack aware. Asynch cross data centre replication (XDR), conflicts resolved using timestamps in-database or in-App.
  • No service degradation. A real-time engine prioritises transactions over long running queries and background tasks.
  • No maintenance windows. Hardware/software upgrades, backups/restores, nothing interrupts transaction processing.

It is an open-source, real-time NoSQL database and key-value store that achieves in-memory performance for big data or context driven applications that must sense and respond right now — at a fraction of the cost. Aerospike operates at in-memory speed and global scale with enterprise-grade reliability.

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  • Software Lifecycle Management / Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

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mautic is open source marketing automation