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Electronic document management (EDM) for local government

Local Authorities come in all sizes and shapes. Most have some form of EDM, somewhere within their organisation. Some have even got more than one. Some have a fair degree of connectivity between their EDM and intranets, websites and line of business applications. And some (whisper this quietly) don’t get much value out of their systems, and don’t really have a way forward.

Why Alfresco?

Alfresco is a different type of EDM. True, it shares many features with the best Commercial software. But it has a number of market-leading features in its own right.

It’s evolving faster than its competition. It already has a significant and fast-growing worldwide user-base (including blue-chip companies, government, private and 3rd sector organisations).

Alfresco also has lower upfront purchase and ongoing support costs. If you haven’t got EDM and are in the market, take a closer look.

If you already have EDM, look at its annual support charges. Often these will cover much of the basic cost of switching to Alfresco.

Open-source isn’t free, but in most cases, it does work out more cost-effective than its commercial cousins.

Why Onepoint?

We understand technology, the world of local government and how they need to work together. It’s this experience that can make the journey into EDM and the wider world of Electronic Content Management (ECM) and integration with other products that much easier.

Our Alfresco implementation of Electrostatic discharge (ESD), standards includes the following:

  • Full Local Government Classification Scheme (LGCS) fileplan implementation.
  • Automatic metadata tagging of documents with Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary (IPSV) and Local Government Service List (LGSL) terms.
  • Workflow enabled record management.
  • Use of Electronic document and records management system (EDRMS) as a shared drive.

Our Alfresco Consulting Services

  • Software Lifecycle Management / Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Porting.
  • Migrations.
  • Upgrades.
  • Responsive web design.

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