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Big Data and Data Science

This is the data age. Through Big Data and advanced Data Science, modern organisations can pick up futuristic tools to build and evolve for a new day of insight, efficiency and value. By generating, storing, processing and analysing colossal amounts of data, firms can learn what makes their customer tick – at speed and in unfathomable detail.

Where traditional business analytics provide retrospective insight, today’s gargantuan datasets can yield much richer, real-time results. By predicting behaviour, firms can truly personalise the customer experience. By empowering innovation, businesses can plan far into the future. By crunching evermore information, organisations can deploy machine learning algorithms to automate complex and time consuming tasks.

Big Data and Data Science really are key to efficiency and results all across the board.


Big Data promises a lot. But each promise has a clause: the goal and the data strategy need to utterly align. At Onepoint, we help our collaborators do that.

Together with you, we can map a data strategy that matches your goals and ambitions with a sprinkle of realism. Starting with the problems to solve, our consultants fuse Big Data and Data Science to mould a bespoke plan that will reap results quickest.


Our consultation services are tailor-made to steer you in the right direction: to help you understand and grow your Big Data capabilities. But beyond that is implementation, where our delivery team builds and fits your new data engine.

Armed with deep expertise, our team will guide you through the process. From harmonising data collection and populating a data lake, to exploring data models and proof-of-concept validation, we work to your specifications, budgets and deadlines.

Managed Service

Data never stays stagnant, so firms’ Big Data platforms must perpetually evolve. That means two things: monitoring and managing platforms to ensure scalability, high performance and security. And weaving new data sources, techniques and technologies into your products and processes to stay ahead of the data curve.

Our service management consultants use industry standard practices such as ITIL and IT4IT to comprehensively hone, customise and enhance firms’ data infrastructures. We are constantly seeking out and evaluating new applications and technologies so our collaborators can wrest maximum economic benefits from Big Data.

Proof of Concept

We believe in helping collaborators to visualise the picture, and its impact, before we paint. That’s why our Big Data and Data Science PoC service showcases the business and financial case for implementing new architecture. At concept stage, we validate and maximise the project’s ROI, to ensure stakeholder buy-in and comfort ahead of time.


Our Big Data and Data Science solutions leverage three Hadoop platforms: Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR. Using Talend Big Data platforms, data is integrated into these platforms before data pipelines (batch and real time) and streaming apps are built using Apache Kafka, Spark and Apache Flink.

Using RapidMiner Radoop, your data scientists can define, train and evaluate machine learning models on data stored within Hadoop and Spark.