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How our philosophy informs our work

‘Data Values People’.

On the face of it, they are but three simple words. But for us at Onepoint, they are the distillation and, indeed, the culmination of more than a decade’s work.

Our new brand, its positioning statement and the way it sets us up to grow, progress and evolve, has been borne out of the collective efforts of a crack team producing high-level work of a consistently unmatched standard.

Building a business from scratch that, though humble, regularly takes on FTSE players and wins? We are incredibly proud. The achievement speaks to our team’s ability to remain dynamic, creative and reactive to one of the fastest-changing disciplines in the world – digital or otherwise.

Onepoint began in 2005. You only need to compare the phone in your pocket today to its 2005 counterpart to see how far technology as a whole has come. So you can only imagine how different the data landscape is today compared to our first day of operation.

But ‘Data Values People’ isn’t simply a reflection of what we have accomplished and created over the past ten years, it is also a touchstone for the next ten years: a guide to help us in everything we do as a business.

They may be just three words, but they are three words that work incredibly hard on a number of levels (a nice metaphor for the Onepoint team in and of itself).

On one hand we are the ‘Data-Values People’: we are the people who are there to draw optimum value from data: to bring understanding and meaning to data and to seek out and deliver insights and solutions that make life easier and business better for partners and collaborators.

This simple phrase serves as a reminder as to our role in the business process, the kind of outcomes we need to provide and the endgame for every piece of work we undertake.

Yet on the other hand, the tagline captures and underlines the three pillars of our business: Data, values, people.

Our team is driven by their expertise, their mastery of data strategy, their technical prowess and the unique values and perspective that they provide.

But for individuals to flourish and reach their potential, we believe in our values. Embracing our fellow human is written into the fabric of our business. We have built a uniquely special work environment here, promoting meditation, obliterating hierarchies and asking everyone’s perspective – from new starters to day-one veterans – before we take crucial business decisions. We move forward as one.

Our group is happy: our staff retention extraordinarily high. Although we’re small, we strive to create a culture of diligence, care and trust.

There’s an X-Factor to ‘Data Values People’ and it’s the reason there’s no commas. We recognise that data has to value people to be of use. Data, really does, value people. Or at least it should. Data is built of people and by people. It should work with people. Data is a human solution to overcome obstacles, to shorten the distance between two thoughts, the people, two points.

Along with hard work, it is our value system that has allowed us to build a unique business that outshines the industry’s biggest players in results, speed, price and passion.

We believe in our people, our values, and our expertise. We have since 2005 and we will for the next 13 years and beyond.

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