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Onepoint becomes Official Snowflake Solution Partner

Onepoint becomes official Snowflake Solution Partner to provide Data Warehousing Solutions in the Cloud

Onepoint, a leading Data solutions provider in the UK has become an official partner of Snowflake, who are leading providers of data warehouses built specifically to run in the cloud and offers a broad range of tools.

Shashin Shah, Managing Director of Onepoint Commented:

“Adding constant value and making our customers’ life easy drives everything we do at Onepoint, including our official partnership with Snowflake.”

This new partnership helps leverage our expertise in data integration to data analytics capabilities to deliver more meaningful data insights using Snowflake. It will also help us deliver better database performance and seamless response to higher volumes of concurrent queries without performance degradation in the cloud.

To survive in this digital era organisations require fast and easy access to their data regardless of the source, format or location. Onepoint who are also Talend gold partners in providing Data Management Solutions can now deliver Data analytics capabilities in the cloud to our clients using Snowflake. The combination of Talend and Snowflake can deliver solutions designed for cloud-first, self-serviced, auto scalable and capable of handling all data.

We are looking forward to working with Snowflake to provide outstanding performance, concurrency, scale and infrastructure management solutions in the cloud.

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