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Couchbase solutions

Couchbase provides ‘ease to build’ enterprise applications on NoSQL using N1QL, a declarative query language which extends SQL for JSON.  Also, it affords relative ease to operate at any scale of operation, with elastic scalability and configurable cross datacenter replication to increase data locality and availability.


Couchbase Server.
Couchbase N1QL Query Language.
Couchbase SQL Integration.
Couchbase Mobile.
Couchbase Big Data Integration.

What It Does

  • Data access – Key-value APIs, SQL-based queries, MapReduce Views, etc.
  • Development and administration – Web-based UI, Built-in query editor, REST API, etc.
  • High availability & disaster recovery – Intra-cluster replication, Automatic Failover, High-performance backup & restore tools, etc.
  • Security – LDAP integration, Encrypted network access, etc.
  • Performance and scaling – Unlimited query concurrency, Memory-optimized indexes, Multidimensional scaling (by service), etc.

How it works

  • Support large numbers of simultaneous users.
  • Gives highly dynamic experiences to a globally dispersed user base.
  • Highly available.
  • Examines both semi-structured & unstructured data.

Use cases

Real-time Big Data streaming with Hadoop allows real-time analytics.
User profiling to support authentication, preferences, etc.
Customer 360° View
Fraud detection via real-time transaction profiling.
Ease of use to create a mobile application with offline support.
Ease of managing content without any restriction.
Gathers high-volume sensor and telemetry data from user devices
Visitor profiling by ingesting clickstream data at high throughput
Key benefits of Couchbase
  • The document model
  • Switches feed
  • Relatively easy to set up many nodes
Features of Couchbase
  • Swiftly adapt to changing requirements
  • Develop with Agility
  • Easier, faster development
  • Flexible data modeling
  • Powerful querying & indexing
  • Migrate relational data and queries
  • Integrate with Spark, Kafka, and Hadoop
  • Elastic scalability
  • Consistent high performance
  • Always-on availability
  • Enables cross datacenter replication
  • Simple & powerful administration
  • Enterprise grade security

NoSQL, open source, multi-model, document-oriented database that stores JSON documents or a simple key-value database.

Couchbase solutions options:
  • Enterprise Subscriptions
  • Community Edition
Our Couchbase consulting services
  • Software Lifecycle Management / Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • PoC (proof of concept)
  • Managed services

Organisations Using Cloudera

Cisco, LinkedIn, Cvent, Verizon, Viber, eBay, Equifax, Amadeus

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