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Data Analytics

Having access to data, no matter how plentiful the stream, counts for nothing unless you can utilise it to its full potential. In practice, this means decoding and analysing data, and mapping out ways ways whereby its insights can benefit your business, your team and your users.

Trillions of bytes of information are collected around the world at any given moment, and sifting through the weeds can seem like a daunting task.

Onepoint’s team of data analytics experts help our collaborators to gather and make sense of the information they have at their fingertips. And to harvest more of the information they want.


Onepoint understand that an integrated and managed dataset offers no value to an organisation if it can’t be used to improve – to sharpen decision-making and create organisational value.

Our team will help you to build and define your data warehouse, business intelligence and data analytics strategy. We’ll help you to choose suitable technologies and identify the technical/ business processes that’ll help you make quicker, sharper, better decisions.


Building a functioning system for collecting and analysing data is like building a house, without solid foundations and a thorough design plan, cracks start to appear. This is the very reason our implementation service exists.

Our analytics team specialise in software lifecycle management and Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), which are the building blocks of a stable, secure data analysis structure. These processes allow us to work with collaborators to craft, build and launch regular cycles of data collection, segmentation, understanding and learning. More than that, handpicked technologies can visualise results and insights, creating comprehensive recommendations that are clear, concise and accessible.


Data analytics should always be on hand to guide decision-making – and they should be scalable and configurable to meet the evolving demands of any business. With that, a platform; its infrastructure and its data stores all require proactive maintenance and monitoring. The Onepoint service management team do that. We can manage your complete analytics solution; priming and adapting it as your business needs change.

Proof of Concept

Strategic change can be daunting for a business – particularly when it concerns customers and customer strategy. Our Proof of Concept (PoC) solutions are designed to minimise risk and ensure peace of mind before construction starts on a full scale data analytics project.

With quick turnaround, and by demonstrating ROI, we show how firms can glean maximum value from their proposed data analytics setup.


We use two technologies to ensure data thoroughly and utterly works for your business:

  • Elastic: The Elastic technologies of Elastic Search, Kibana, Beats and Logstash can reliably search, analyse and visualise data.
  • Rapid Miner: The Rapid Miner platform empowers your data scientist so he or she can acquire and clean data, apply machine learning to rapidly prototype, and validate predictive models before easy setup of operational predictive models.