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Data Governance

If you don’t have defined policies, principles and standards to manage data and its quality, data can be confusing. We hate that, which is precisely why we endeavour to help organisations get the maximum value out of their data assets – and manage them in accordance with consistent data governance infrastructures. Your data should serve you and your customers.

Within the data governance space we offer our collaborators two core solutions, Reference and Master Data Management, and Data Quality.

Reference and Master Data Management

Managing data that is shared across a business or organisation – and ensuring it retains its quality – is a core tenet of data governance. Governing shared data allows us to reduce the cost of your data integration, and reduce the risk of data redundancy. In basic terms, we ensure your company data is clean, current and, above all, useful.


  • We help our collaborators to see the value of our Reference and Master Data Management service by producing a benefit realisation document that ties outcomes to tangible business objectives.
  • We can assist your business in choosing the right Master Data Management Hub style, depending on your business needs and existing systems landscape.
  • Our team can help to analyse the maturity of your data governance capability, and produce a plan to improve the maturity of data governance via upskilling or via new policies, processes and tools.
  • We understand that Master Data Management is much more than technology, it’s a paradigm shift. We guide organisations in assessing their readiness to manage and govern shared reference and master data.


  • We work with collaborators to understand, uncover and define shared data – the sources, how they flow, who accesses them and the rules governing quality.
  • We collaborate with businesses to define their ideal data models and we pride ourselves in our ability to visualise complex data in a way that suits specific business needs – and those of their staff.
  • We help you define the architectural approach of your Master Data Management and how you can make the most of the new system.
  • We design, build and test a data platform that enables you to create a trusted source of shared data.
  • The implementation of Data Sharing & Integration services can be one of the most daunting parts of any Master Data Management project, but our team have the expertise to make the process straightforward and efficient.

Managed Service

We offer to support and manage your data platform(s) on an ongoing basis. Our service management team can oversee and maintain service on your behalf – based on predefined parameters – using industry best practice standards and processes.


Our primary tool for managing, implementing and consulting on our Data Governance solutions is the Talend Master Data Management Platform. You can read more about the capabilities of Talend, and our relationship with their business and technologies HERE.

Proof of Concept

For organisations that want to see the value of Reference and Master data management, we provide a Proof of Concept model to showcase the project’s potential, and even ROI. We do this to demonstrate the benefits and results firms can tap into.

Data Quality

Trustworthy data is of paramount importance if an organisation or business is to extract optimum value from their setup. But data of high quality can be difficult to come by if it’s infected by touchpoints in the data flow, or siloed in systems that aren’t fit for purpose. We want to give collaborators maximum peace of mind that the data they’re using is useful and reliable.

Our Data Quality services cover end-to-end processes that give your data the best chance of yielding watertight, actionable results. These processes cover the following:

  • Setting data quality measures.
  • Building quality processes within data flows that create, transform and store data.
  • Continuously evaluating the quality of data against set measures.


  • We guide and support our collaborators in creating a Data Quality Strategy.
  • We can run a full Data Quality Assessment of your business’s existing data environment.
  • Our team’s expertise means we can craft data quality improvement roadmaps, guided by your unique KPIs and business ambitions.
  • We’ll work with business stewards to define quality rules, and advise how to maintain them.


  • We help our collaborators to create comprehensive data profiles to understand any structure, pattern and quality issues.
  • We get your Data Quality systems up and running and nurture them through their early stages of life.

Managed Service

We can manage and extend your Data Quality platform for you, ensuring your infrastructure is available and responsive for data analysts to measure health on a ongoing basis.


We use Talend Data Quality and Talend Data Prep to manage the full lifecycle of data quality, from profiling to cleansing to measuring quality.


We offer a time-boxed Proof of Concept to collaborators who want to validate and understand whether Talend Data Quality and Talend Data Prep can really help them with their Data Quality initiative.