Data Management, Data Management Consulting Services

Data Managment Solutions

Data Management covers all the technology and technical skills  and services required to govern, protect and manage and enhance your organisations data assets as they pass through and recycle through the data life cycle.

  • Data Modelling
  • Data Integration
  • Application Integration
  • Data Quality
  • MDM
  • Data Architecture
  • Databases
  • Analytics ( historic, realtime and predictive)
  • Data Backup & Restoration
  • Data performance tuning
  • Data management costs review

Our data management services offer SDLC based delivery and can be supported by our architecture services where required. We also have the ability to offer a completely SDLC managed service so that you can access the technology and skills your need for your organisations improvement without needing to build inhouse resource and risk delay and also increasing your own HR costs.

Use Cases for Data Management

Integrate data from diverse sources
Create Data Lake
Cross sell/up sell recommendations, fraud detection, dynamic pricing
Realtime single veiw of customer
Historic analysis ( Manage performance & Take corrective action).
Realtime analysis ( take realtime corrective action)
Predictive analytics ( take preventative action before the loss occurs or to improve acquisition speed and efficiency)
Graph based search
Recommendation engine
Customer MDM
Product MDM
Graph based search
User behavior data Streaming
Customer Segmentation

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