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Data Management

In today’s digital world, data is a vital enterprise asset. Effective management of data helps businesses to access better insights into their customers, products and services, it facilitates innovation and helps us achieve business goals. Data, like any business asset, needs to be managed properly to allow it to fully bloom; it requires planning, coordination and commitment.

Onepoint’s Data Management and Integration solutions ensure powerful and flexible integration so our collaborators can get maximum value from trusted data. We cover all of the skills required – from strategy to deployment – to consolidate data assets, allowing firms to integrate, govern, protect and enhance the value of data through all stages of its lifecycle.


Effective management of data can be a complex process. There are multiple sources of data – it comes in different formats and can be varying in its quality and relevance. So shoring up your data can take some sifting.

Via Onepoint’s consulting services, we guide our collaborators so they can make consistent decisions on people, processes and technology, ensuring maximum strategic value can be gleaned from data. Our expert consultants can engage with businesses of all industries to:

  • Create a Data Value Map and define strategies to acquire data from different data sources.
  • Clean, enrich and standardise data so it can easily become a valuable, reliable asset on which businesses can base decisions.


The Onepoint team is much more than just a team of strategists. We have decades of experience in managing and executing complex and comprehensive data management projects. Across four continents, we have helped business – of all sizes spanning a multitude of industries – to manage and explore company, user and customer data.

Onepoint provides the complete software development lifecycle service – from analysis to deployment of our Data Management solutions. One we have established your data management needs, our architects will design a suitable platform and our delivery teams will develop, test and deploy it.


Organisations must be able to manage, adapt and enhance their data management platforms in response to changing business and market needs. Onepoint offers that comprehensive service – managing your data platform so you’re free to concentrate on unlocking data’s true value.

We manage, and enhance, your data infrastructure and applications, and we do it based upon predefined parameters, using industry best practice in IT service management.

Proof of Concept

We believe passionately in what we do and in the expertise of the team we have assembled, but we understand that taking on a large data filtration and curation task can be daunting. That’s why we offer a full range of Proof of Concept (PoC) solutions – to help you visualise our strategies and to mitigate risks.

Security and ROI are key to everything we do. Data is a precious thing and we believe you should have access to as much information on the process as possible before proceeding. We also believe that people should get their money’s worth, so we offer quick turnaround ROI PoC projects as a matter of course.


One of the most valued and powerful platforms that we use, Talend meets all the integration needs of a business: batch, streaming, real-time and cloud, as well as supporting self-service data preparation, machine learning and collaborative data governance. In a nutshell, Talend Data Fabric provides a single integrated platform to manage and clean data – to preserve its quality and accuracy, and enhance the value of your insight.