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Data science

Data science has taken a foothold in all verticals/domains – from banking and finance to healthcare, retail, manufacturing, logistics and transport. It is the application of statistical measures to interpret data of a particular domain in a manner that adds value to the processes and consumers of that domain. It also requires some skilled programming efforts to implement statistical models on structured and unstructured large-scale datasets.


  • Fraud detection
  • Recommender systems
  • Route planning
  • Image analysis
  • Market segmentation and analysis
  • Anomaly detection
  • Predictive analytics


  • Helps in making better decisions
  • Plan quick actions
  • Saves time and effort for enterprises
  • Induces innovation


  • Good historical data
  • Good domain knowledge
  • Concerns around data privacy

Our offerings

Data Preparation (collection & processing)

  • Gather all required sources of data
  • Implement the right tools to collect data in one place
  • Implement quality checks and transformations on data to prepare it for data science

Feature Engineering

  • Analyse the schema of datasets and derive the significance of fields
  • Study the relationship between datasets – understanding the impact of one over the other
  • Iteratively, create features from data, test features with a model and improve them

Data Science Life Cycle - End-to-End

  • Collect and prepare clean data
  • Analyse data, recommend use cases
  • Create statistical models through appropriate ML techniques
  • Evaluate and optimise the models to give accurate results
  • Setup steps to manage versioning and deployment of models
  • Iteratively manage the entire data science life cycle – implement or enhance, evaluate, optimise & deploy


Python - quick prototyping for data science applications

Pandas - open-source data analysis and manipulation tool on Python

Spark and Zeppelin notebooks for quick data analysis on big data


NumPy - fundamental package for scientific computing in Python

Scikit-learn - free machine learning library for Python


Data Factory

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