Elasticsearch Graph Solutions, Elasticsearch Graph Consulting Services

Elasticsearch Graph

Elasticsearch Graph Solutions, Elasticsearch Graph Consulting Services

The Graph API provides an alternative approach to extracting and summarise information about the data and terms in Elasticsearch index. A graph is a network of related items. It means a network of related information in the index.

The terms that one would like to include in the graph are known as vertices and the relationship among any two vertices is a connection. The connection summarises the documents that contain both vertices’ terms.

Use Cases for Elasticsearch Graph

Giving brands a competitive edge through real-time market analysis.
Scaling ecommerce deployment to accommodate demand.
Improving global scientific research and collaboration.
Scaling Elasticsearch for Production at Manufacturing Industry.
Providing Messaging Analytics for the online industry.
Converting social sentiments into business insight.
Tracking down the hacker activity in multiple industries.
Driving revenue through increased marketing conversion rates.
Boosting internal collaboration and professional productivity.
Identifying digital influencers to boost marketing campaigns.
Increasing positive customer interactions.
Key Benefits of Elasticsearch Graph
  • Visualisation of relationship
  • Integrating the graph API
  • Exploration of Data
Features of Elasticsearch Graph

Relationship Analysis of Data

Here will be many hidden relationships in your data in your Elastic Stack in the form of connections between people, places, preferences, products and the Elastic Search Graph offering provides a relationship-oriented path that lets you explore the relationships in your data using the significance capabilities of Elasticsearch.

A single link in a graph may depict thousand of data, like banking transactions between two accounts. The Graph UI in Kibana lets you visualise these connections.

Explore Data in a New Way

An API- and a UI-driven tool that helps you locate meaningful relationships in your data during leveraging Elasticsearch features like real-time data availability, distributed query execution, and indexing at any scale.

  • Fraud
  • Recommendation
  • Security

Integration of the Graph API into application

The Graph API leverages Elasticsearch aggregates and query language, providing a simple API for graph exploration. It is not necessary to define complex ontologies and discover a new query language. It’s flexible, it’s natural, and lets you guide your research using powerful search features like geospatial filters.

  • Apache 2, Java API, RESTful API, Apache Lucene, JSON
Elasticsearch Graph Solutions Options
  • Open-source
Our Elasticsearch Graph Consulting Services
  • Software Lifecycle Management / Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • POC (proof of concept)
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