Elasticsearch Reporting Solutions, Reporting Consulting Services UK

Elasticsearch Reporting

Elasticsearch Reporting Solutions, Reporting Consulting Services UK

ElasticSearch reporting enables you to generate reports that contain Kibana dashboards, visualisations and saved searches.

When you install it into Kibana, a Reporting button added to the toolbar, and Reports are collected in the .reporting-* indices and also generate reports automatically.

Use Cases for Elasticsearch Reporting

Giving brands a competitive edge through real-time market analysis.
Scaling ecommerce deployment to accommodate demand.
Improving global scientific research and collaboration.
Scaling Elasticsearch for Production at Manufacturing Industry.
Providing Messaging Analytics for the online industry.
Converting social sentiments into business insight.
Tracking down the hacker activity in multiple industries.
Driving revenue through increased marketing conversion rates.
Boosting internal collaboration and professional productivity.
Identifying digital influencers to boost marketing campaigns.
Increasing positive customer interactions.
Key Benefits of Elasticsearch Reporting
  • Sharing the reports with all stakeholder
  • Push button
Features of Elasticsearch Reporting

Create, Schedule & Email Reports

Quickly create reports of any visualisation or dashboard. Get on-demand report, Schedule and trigger report on specified conditions and sharing it with others. It’s architected to scale and letting you take a piece of Kibana anywhere you like.

Push a Button, Get a Report. Easy.

Reporting features let you easily export your favourite Kibana visualisations and dashboards. Each report is print-optimized, customisable, and formatted in PDF.

Triggering the Reports  Per-Event Basis

Ability to gain repeating updates of the status of website metrics, your infrastructure health to your team by consolidating the reporting and alerting capabilities in X‑Pack — daily, weekly, fortnightly. Or triggering a report when certain conditions arise, say when more than a specified number of errors occur over a defined period.

Everyone Can Have a Report.

Handling reporting requests on a large volume. The interface lets you keep a pulse on your reports in progress, successful and failed and also allow you to download past reports, without any need for additional infrastructure.

Portable  Kibana Visualisations

Taking your Kibana visualisations and dashboards offline never looked so good. This helps share the Kibana love with stakeholders who don’t have or need ready access to your live Kibana instance.

  • Apache 2, JSON, Java API, RESTful API, Apache Lucene
Elasticsearch Reporting Solutions Options
  • Open-source
Our Elasticsearch Reporting Consulting Services
  • Software Lifecycle Management / Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • POC (proof of concept)
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