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Jaspersoft Solutions

Jaspersoft Solutions, Jaspersoft Consulting Services UK

A wide tool-set. Lets you share reports dynamically via web portals and dashboards

Jaspersoft is a commercial open source software vendor focused on business intelligence, including data visualisation, reporting, and analytics.

You can use its business intelligence software in any environment, thanks to its modular, scalable, standards-based architecture.

It’s widely used to easily embed reporting and analytics into SaaS or Cloud applications.

You can use Jaspersoft for

Reporting and Analytics Inside Your App.
Reporting and Analytics for Your Business.
Cloud BI.
Production Reporting.
Big Data.
Mobile BI.

Key Benefits


  • Fewer maintenance and support challenges.
  • Improved efficiency and data accuracy.
  • Access reporting, scheduling and delivery through an integrated reporting portal.
  • Real-time visibility into the end-to-end order fulfilment delivery flow.
  • Schedule standardised reports or request on-demand and customised reports.




  • Reporting.
  • Analysis.
  • Multi-report dashboards.
  • Data integration.
  • Security & auditing services.
  • Metadata layer.
  • Multi-tenancy.

Open-source commercial software for data analysis, data visualisation and business intelligence.

Our Jaspersoft Solutions

Open-source software with services available through hourly pricing on Amazon’s Web Service platform (AWS).

Our Jaspersoft Consulting Services
  • Software Lifecycle Management / Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • AWS Cloud Hosting.

Organisations Using Jaspersoft

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