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Kibana solutions

Kibana, Kibana solutions, Kibana consulting services

Kibana is an open source preeminent visualisation platform for data analysis, and dashboards let you visualise your Elasticsearch, helps to make it easy to understand large volumes of data and gives freedom to select the path to give shape to your data. Elastic Stack and provides visualisation capabilities on content indexed on an Elasticsearch cluster.

Use Cases for Kibana

Giving brands a competitive edge through real-time market analysis.
Improving global scientific research and collaboration.
Providing Messaging Analytics for online industry.
Driving revenue through increased marketing conversion rates.
Identifying digital influencers to boost marketing campaigns.
Converting social sentiments into business insight.
Scaling ecommerce deployment in order to accommodate demand.
Scaling Elasticsearch for Production at Manufacturing Industry.
Hunting down the hacker in multiple industries.
Boosting internal collaboration and professional productivity.
Increasing positive customer interactions.
Key Benefits of Kibana
  • Interactive Visualisation.
  • Tile Map Services to visualise Geospatial services
  • Timelion – time series analysis of Data.
  • Explore Relationships in Data
  • Ease of generating reports
  • Ease of distribution of dashboard reports
  • It is secure and easy to Monitor
  • Ease to configure ETL stack.
  • Tools like Console offer helps to developer
Features of Kibana


Kibana is Elasticsearch’s data visualisation engine, allows you to interact with all your data in Elasticsearch Cluster natively

  • Provides freedom to select the path to give shape to your data.
  • Kibana core ships with the classic sunbursts, line graphs, histograms and pie charts.
  • Kibana tile map service for visualising geospatial data.
  • Explore relationships in your Elasticsearch data.


Kibana’s dynamic dashboard panels can be saved, shareable and exportable, displaying changes to queries into Elasticsearch in real-time

  • Embed Dashboards
  • Send Links
  • Generate Report


Kibana performs data analysis in its user interface using pre-designed dashboards in real-time data analysis on-the-fly

Elastic Search Graph

  • Apache 2, Java API, RESTful API, Apache Lucene, JSON
Kibana solutions
  • open-source
  • Kibana  v5.0.0
Our Kibana consulting services
  • Software Lifecycle Management / Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • POC (proof of concept)
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