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Apache Mahout solutions

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Apache™ Mahout is a library of scalable machine-learning algorithms, implemented on top of Apache Hadoop® and using the MapReduce paradigm.

The three major components of Mahout are an environment for building scalable algorithms, many new Scala + Spark (H2O in progress) algorithms, and Mahout’s mature Hadoop MapReduce algorithms.

Use Cases for Apache Mahout

Provides Java libraries for common maths operations.
Provides recommendation systems for companies like Foursquare.
Predicts user interests in order to target marketing more effectively.
News providers filter most popular content to be most visible.
Key benefits of Mahout
  • Its recommendation system allows filtering of members, products, services, locations etc (e.g. Foursquare).
  • Better user targeting based on predictions of audience interests and intents.
  • Clustering algorithms improve advert targeting and content filtering for users.
  • Can be used to create clusters, detect duplicate documentation, extract phrases and classify cluster.
Features of Mahout
  • An environment for building scalable algorithms.
  • New Scala + Spark (H2O in progress) algorithms.
  • Mahout’s mature Hadoop MapReduce algorithms.
  • Open-source software under Apache Licence.
  • Open-source.
Our Mahout Consulting Services
  • Software Lifecycle Management / Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • AWS Cloud Hosting.
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