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Migration Services

With a vast range of Open Source solutions available as an alternative to proprietary solutions, the time may be right for your organisation to consider migration to Open Source, particularly if any of the following scenarios apply:

  • Your proprietary vendor has stopped supporting your current software version and you are being forced to upgrade when there are no clear business benefits.
  • The cost of adding new features is prohibitively expensive.
  • You are tired of closed and proprietary standards.
  • The costs of support and maintenance are too high.

Onepoint offers a comprehensive suite of migration services including planning, application and data migration, on-site and off-site training, and support.

Our migration consulting services from proprietary software to OSS include:

  • Operating System: Linux.
  • Enterprise Content Management System: Alfresco.
  • Directory Services: OpenLDAP.
  • Database System: MySQL and Postgres.

If you are faced with any of the above scenarios, or are already considering migration to Open Source and need help, please contact us. If anyone can help, we can!

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