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Neo4j is a highly versatile and scalable graphing database which not only optimizes data processing but also the establishment of relationships between data sets.  The processing performance of Neo4j’s ‘native graph storage’ facility ensures consistent delivery of metrics and real-time performance, enabling enterprises to build original applications to meet today’s evolving data challenges.

Use cases for the Neo4j Graph Database

Fraud Detection – Permits the analysis of data relationships in real time which flags patterns of behavior commonly associated with fraud networks and other criminal activity.  This is essential to prevent the loss of data, money, and reputation.

Graph-Based Research – Our graphical search tools enable users to optimize the management of their digital assets to provide an unrivalled solution in terms of its flexibility and versatility for multinational companies.

Network & IT Operations – Graph databases are inherently more suited than RDBMS in terms of their capacity to identify complex patterns within data streams in dynamic IT networks.

Real-Time Recommendation – Graph-powered recommendation engines help companies to personalize their bespoke products, content, and services by leveraging a multitude of connections in real time.

Master Data Management – Organize and manage your master data with the flexible and schema-free graph database model to obtain real-time insights and a more holistic understanding of your customers.

Social Network – Leverage social connections and infer relationships more easily on the basis of user activity by using a graph database to power your social network application.

Identity & Access Management – Quickly and efficiently your track users, their assets, relationships, and authorisations by using a graph database for the purposes of identification and access management.

Key benefits the Neo4j Graph Database


  • Performance – Graphical databases greatly enhance the performance of the management of rich data relationships, as relationship inquiries soon supersede the capacity of traditional databases. The operational performance of the graph database remains reliable with ever increasing demands of live data streams.
  • Flexibility – With graph databases, IT and data architecture teams are free to move at the rate of the growth of your business, adapting to changes in your business model and its applications.  Rather than exhaustively modeling a domain ahead of time, data teams can add to the existing graph structure without endangering extant functionality.
  • Agility – Developing with graph databases aligns well with today’s agile, test-driven improvement practices, enabling your IT systems to evolve at the pace of your changing business needs.  Today’s graph databases are designed for uninterrupted upgrades and ease of systems maintenance.
Features of Neo4j Graph Database


  • Data Storage – Native storage structure with index-free adjacency results in faster transactions and processing.
  • Query Performance – Native processing ensures low latency and real-time performance, regardless of the number or the depth of relationships.
  • Transaction Support – ACID transactions ensure data is entirely consistent and reliable around the clock, ideal for ‘always-on’ global enterprise applications.
  • Processing at Scale – Native graph model inherently scales for pattern-based queries. Scale-out architecture maintains data integrity via replication. Massive scale-up possibilities are made possible through IBM POWER8 and CAPI Flash systems.


Neo4j is implemented in Java and accessible from software written in other languages using the Cypher Query Language.

Neo4j Graph Database Solution Options
  • Affero General Public License 3-licensed open-source
  • Enterprise Edition
Our Neo4j Graph Database Consulting Services
  1. Software Lifecycle Management / Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  2. POC (proof of concept)
  3. Managed services

Organisations using Neo4j Graph Database

Cisco, Walmart, LinkedIn, HP, AirBus, Roposo, Telenor.