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Our Expertise

Removing the agitation of technology so your business can do what it does better.

In a 2014 article, We Need Better Managers, Not More Technocrats, Harvard Business Review named digital technology as the biggest agitator in today’s business world.

At Onepoint, we love technology – it’s our expertise. But HBR isn’t wrong. From mobile tech to social media, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, Big Data and analytics – technology’s constant evolution puts tremendous strain on businesses.

Technology is crucial, but it’s rarely the star of the show. Tech’s role is as facilitator: tools and systems so core tasks can happen better, cleaner, quicker.

We understand that. Collaborators and partners trust us to understand that. They trust us to create fitting technology solutions that work for the business, not the other way around.

HBR’s assertion is true. So we see it as our job to remove the agitation of tech and let you concentrate on more important things.

In our mission to free your business from the agitations of technology, we work with a range of third party providers. We offer advice and recommendations if we believe your business, and bottom line, could benefit.

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