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Software Development Servcies

It’s our view that off the shelf products can solve a lot of business problems. However, there are an equal number of use cases for which there is no off the shelf product or a product which fulfils only part of the requirements. In these cases software development is often inevitable. This is where Onepoint’s unique capabilities come at play.

software development services uk, software development company uk

Every software development projects starts with a vision. We see three key factors critical to the success of implementing this vision. Having a holistic view and the capabilities to perfectly balance and blend these ingredients is a rare quality found in the market. We recognise that each project is unique and pride ourselves on having the skills and experience to shape and tailor these ingredients to the needs of the business.



Given our many years of experience in architecture and strategy complemented by a passionate belief in the benefits of Open Source software and engineering best practices, Onepoint can provide independent advice, guidance, support and leadership to help formulate and shape the vision. Some of our case studies testify to our unique capabilities in this area.



At the foundation of every successful software development project is a team with the right mix of experience and skills. Complemented with high integrity and ethical standards we feel we are a unique team that makes us stand out in our field. The members have been working together for many years and has grown into a very effective team.



There is no one size fits all and therefore we believe in a very pragmatic approach to implementing processes by tailoring the software development life cycle (SDLC) to the needs of the business. This can include more traditional systems development methodologies and frameworks like Waterfall or more modern agile methodologies like Scrum or Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM).



With a passion for Open Source technologies Onepoint has created a foundation of core capabilities based on best of breed products and technologies such as Talend and Hadoop. And through our key partnerships with vendors like for instance Talend and Cloudera we are in the best position of delivering a cost effective integrated solution to the business.


Onepoint (software development company) can provide the following Software Development Services:

  • Implementation and delivery of tailored solutions based on certified Open Source products and components, including but not limited to Talend, Pimcore, Hadoop ecosystems, Aerospike etc taking full responsibility for the project.
  • Consultancy during any phase of the SDLC.
  • Programme and Project Management.
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