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Onepoint Talend Tech Mentoring and Architecture Service

This service provides Talend architecture and development expertise or complete end to end project execution to enable a Talend solution to meet your organisation’s stated goals and objectives.

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Who it’s for

  • Companies seeking advice or guidance on integrating the Talend product suite into their strategic technology stack.
  • Companies wishing to enable the full potential of their existing Talend implementation and further enhance management of the data lifecycle.
  • Organisations already using Talend but requiring architectural and development support to achieve faster improvements and better ROI.

Services Offered

  • Talend product and edition selection.
  • Architecture and development support.
  • An iterative approach, adding value at every step, to defining a Talend architecture which meets requirements for performance, resilience, maintainability, scalability and security.
  • Work with the project architects to define a system and technology architecture aligned to your  business requirements.
  • Mentor and support client developers during the development phase.

Typical Approach

  • Requirements analysis.
  • Voice of business and voice of customer (data and performance issues, key business value levers).
  • Scope agreed and sign off.
  • Work implemented and governed by our project management and change request process.
  • Checkpoint reporting on resource consumption and suggested change / improvements.
  • Review and identification of other improvements based on pareto approach outside of original scope.
  • Project close.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance.

Client Value Proposition

  • Accelerate client project and business improvement velocity and ROI.
  • A well designed and architected Talend solution aligned to business needs.
  • A Talend solution designed and architected for future growth and resilient to requirement changes.
  • Access to full SDLC Talend  developers / solutions architect resource.
  • Provision of individual resources or complete execution on your behalf.
  • Mentoring from our experts to build internal Talend capability.
  • Employ industry best practices and Onepoint’s expertise to achieve optimised outcomes.
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