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Vectorwise Solutions

ectorwise Solutions, Vectorwise Consulting Services UK

Empowering the end user through higher performance, less hardware and faster and easier analytics.

Use Cases for Vectorwise

Uses analytics to attract millions of social gamers to ‘stay and play’ improving game monetisation.
Support more concurrent business intelligence (BI) users.
Analyses tax filings and improves responsiveness while reducing fraud risk.
Drills down on data-increasing productivity, reducing cost.
Provides data analytics to utilities companies and consumers to drive modern energy efficiency practices.
Offers customers fast and easy access to analytics and other productivity apps in the cloud.
Gains real time insight to provide transport services with greater accuracy and security.
  • Deliver faster insight – reduce response times for ad hoc queries from hours to just seconds.
  • Analyse more data faster – look at enterprise data combined with big data streaming from apps and devices.
  • Support more concurrent users – let more business intelligence (BI) users explore more data faster.
  • More complex analytic workloads – can work with behavioural data using new techniques such as micro segmentation and precision marketing.
  • Open-source software under Apache Licence.
  • Open-source.

Our Vectorwise consulting services

  • Software Lifecycle Management / Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • AWS Cloud Hosting.
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