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Decoding AI Series |

Session 2

Unleashing the power of Large Language Models, Part 1 - Direct Interactions

Tuesday, 30 July 2024 | 11:00 UK | 12:00 CEST

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Do data better

Identify your data opportunities and threats. Prove new  concepts. Upgrade data handling. Apply the power of the cloud. Be data compliant. Get better insights. Make better decisions.
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Innovate with AI & more

Explore how deep learning, neural networks, natural language processing, and predictive analytics, etc., could be applied to your organisation. Create  recommendation engines. Apply predictive models. Build optimal algorithms. Integrate sensors. Adopt latest tech innovations. 

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Solve with design thinking

Define solutions putting humans — not tech — first.  Solve complex problems with diverse minds. Explore new business models fast. Use prototyping to quickly  understand viability and value.

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We partner with clients from most industries and sectors

Digital change is impacting all businesses.

We collaborate with clients to deeply understand their digital and data challenges and opportunities.

Only then do we apply ingenuity, imagination, and technical know how to craft tailored client solutions that deliver real value and impact.

Trusted by top corporates

Technology relationships and  expertise to define the future

Technology platforms and tools are enabling unprecedented innovation for businesses.

Our trusted partnerships with leading technology companies and deep  expertise with industry-defining technologies allow us to quickly choose and apply the right solution set to your problem.

Key technology partnerships
A universe of platform and tool expertise

Continuous research and experimentation to help you benefit from digital innovations

We are always experimenting with the next generation of tools and techniques to validate their ability to influence business outcomes.

It is through continuous research and development that we are able to demonstrate the art of the achievable, without learning at the expense of our clients.

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Purpose beyond profit

Onepoint has always stood for doing right by all our stakeholders. Our founding team share many core values, having met through their charity projects. These values have led to the formation of our unique company culture and our continued commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Investing in young people’s futures

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Giving back through great causes

AI and Master Data Management: A synergy for success

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