Innovate with AI & more

Innovate with AI & more

The data space is ever-growing, with new challenges arising periodically in relation to the velocity, variety and volume of data being generated by users and apps. To extract optimum value from all of this data, new ideas and methods, are constantly being researched and brought to the table. The trend is inclined towards Big Data, AI and their counterparts.

At Onepoint, we believe in contributing to the novelties of the data space in a number of ways:

  • Keeping abreast of new trends and technologies, through the cycle of experimentation, application and learning
  • Bringing efficiency and innovation in data design for clients
  • Giving back to the ecosystem

Innovating with AI

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Start your journey with a Onepoint Springboard™ AI workshop

Explore how your organisation could innovate with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more with our senior advisors and technologists during a half-day structured workshop held at our offices in London, or virtually.

These workshops are a simplification of our Design Thinking (and Doing!) approach, part of our Rapid Value Method that is designed to drive towards your chosen business outcomes quickly.

With a multi-disciplinary team from your organisation, we uncover your innovation opportunities, explore ideas and priorities, and outline how to prove a chosen concept quickly. If it makes sense as a next step, a rapid prototype (PoC) can potentially be co-funded by Onepoint.

There’s no obligation to continue the journey with us after the workshop. A fresh, independent perspective on innovative options, approaches, and recommendations are yours to keep!

Outcomes & outputs

The key outcomes are to develop a better understanding of your AI opportunities and to establish a shortlist of prioritised ideas. You will also understand where Onepoint can add value to quickly get you to your desired business outcomes.

Outputs of the workshop will be a number of big ideas or use cases; a prioritised shortlist with potential solution options, and an outline action plan to test real business value.

Typical agenda

09:30 Introduction & briefing (includes ice breaker and basics of Design Thinking)

10:30 Understanding & building empathy with the user

11:30 Define problem area(s), generate ideas, priorities, and solution options

13:00 Vegetarian buffet lunch (for visitors in our London office)

Typical attendees

These workshops work best with multi-disciplinary participants. Our clients typically involve representation from many corners of the business, including strategy, customer care, marketing, sales, operations, IT, data, and finance.
From our side, we typically involve business, data, and technology experts. We will also involve any relevant advisors or technologists relevant to your topic. We can discuss attendees and customise the workshop to your requirements during a preparatory call.

Ask us about a custom workshop