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AI holds the key to unlocking the immense potential of 'dark' company data​

Most businesses are sitting on a treasure trove. Unstructured elements like images, sound recordings, and various forms of text are hidden in plain sight throughout company systems, with untapped potential for insights and innovation.

AI can revolutionise how we understand and create value from this data.

At Onepoint, we are at the forefront of this exciting journey, delving into the myriad of new ways AI can enhance our interaction with data.

Some of our exploration into these groundbreaking developments is chronicled in our AI evangelist Gil Fernandes’s blog.

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Get insights by detecting emotional tone with AI

Using sentiment analysis algorithms, we can get insights into the real mood behind messages. This will help in better understanding of text, like customer reviews, or any incoming messages. 

Play with this Sentiment Analysis Demonstrator to gain insights into how this and similar AI tools could be applied to your enterprise’s data.

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Get insights by generating stories with AI

Text generation is one of the machine learning techniques, which will be useful in areas like; generating simple answers to questions, replies to emails, image captioning, or word suggestions. 

Play with this Smart Text Generator to gain insights into how this and similar AI tools could be applied to your enterprise’s data.

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Extending the Talend ecosystem

Talend has an 800+ set of standard components comprising of applications and databases that allow faster drop and drag integration of these applications, and databases, into Talend data processing pipelines.  Onepoint has the expertise to build custom connectors to extend the Talend ecosystem where these do not already exist. Explore some of the custom components we have developed

Reset and clear your mind with traffic control for the office

Many of us at Onepoint HQ benefit from a daily practice of regular short meditations suitable for even the busiest data-ist. It’s a method called ‘traffic control’, helping to control the seemingly endless, and often unhelpful, traffic of thoughts that go through the mind. It’s very effective, helping you to remain calm, contented and effective no matter what the day throws at you.