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We’re a family of technology professionals based in London and Pune who believe in the power of digital methods, architectures, and innovations to solve complex problems for our clients.

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Free guided meditation
Fridays 9AM UK

We are all facing various challenges in these interesting times. Meditation practice helps the team at Onepoint to establish and maintain a peaceful, positive, and happy mind. 

We want to share what works for us with our clients, partners, friends — and anyone who is interested.

Each 30-minute session is run by an experienced meditation facilitator, and is based on the ancient method of yoga for the mind. There is time for Q&A at the end, so you can get involved, too.

We’ll be streaming live on our Onepoint Oneness YouTube channel at 9AM UK time every Friday. If you miss us live, you can catch past episodes on this page after they have aired.

Coming up next — live!

21 Jan – Creating new thoughts, dealing with old feelings – Matthew Earl

28 Jan – Plato’s allegory of the cave and its connection with meditation Part 2 – Anna Doiliani

04 Feb – Meditation Session – Linda Lee

Every Friday at 9:00 – 9:30 AM UK, live on YouTube

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Know anyone who might benefit from a weekly mind yoga workout?
Please invite them to join us — It’s free!

Also, check out the free apps that we helped create (below).

BeeZone (free)

This app provides a variety of tools to enable you to take a break from a racing, stressful mind and come back to calmness and focus.

Happidote (free)

Happidote (think happy antidote!) offers an easy way to access practical advice through simple guided meditations to help calm your mind and soothe the stress of work.

just-a-minute (free)

just-a-minute is all it takes to bring ourselves back to our natural state of inner peace and well-being. Learn to relax, refocus and re-energise in just one minute with ‘just-a-minute’ meditations.

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