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Automotive Client Case Study (Architecture Transformation)

Onepoint is helping a leading European Automotive Data Provider with its Technology Transformation Roadmap.

Our client is a leading provider of data, solutions, and business intelligence services with an international presence across Europe and in Australia, operating through a network of 18 subsidiaries and 8 distribution partners. The Company has grown in size to over 500 employees with its headquarters based in Europe.

Business Problem

Due to intense competitive market pressures, our client elected to undertake a comprehensive audit of its business model, which included a review of its supporting technology strategy. Over the course of multiple private equity buyouts, the new senior management was asked to construct a transformational roadmap to expand the business and streamline its global operations, principally in Europe.
There was widespread acceptance that, due to under investment, there were many areas of the business in which the extant technological capabilities were unable the strategic goals of the business. There are multiple initiatives currently underway to close these identified technology gaps, but these are often confined to specific areas, and many constitute temporary tactical or ‘firefighting’ fixes which do not provide a holistic or a strategically sustainable approach. Thus, the technology strategy needed to support the growth business, targeting new markets with new products, had to deliver gradual incremental benefits to the business and its cash flow.

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