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Belfast City Council Case Study

Onepoint delivers a PoC aimed at improving and maximising the collection of business rates collection for a local authority within the United Kingdom.

Our client is a UK local authority which serves an estimated population of 333,871 in a region that comprises six district councils based in dormitory commuter towns. The six combined councils provide the services and infrastructure for a total population of 579,276, having invested a sum of £50 million into infrastructure development in 2016 alone. This is essential to the continued prosperity of the regions, as tourism and business footfall generated some £324 million towards the city’s economy, an annual increase of 14%.

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Business Drivers

Maximising business rate revenue was the key objective of this project, as:

  • Rate Income provides important revenue for the Central Government Executive as well as the associated District Councils.
  • Non-domestic rate income provides approximately half of the total revenues for the Council.
  • It is vital to maximise the yield from the existing tax base to promote regional development.
  • The stagnant rate base was deemed to be out of control.

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