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Onepoint architects, designs and implements the next generation of email archiving solution

Founded in 1998, US based Eventra provides services and solutions that help manufacturers successfully manage their inbound direct material supply chain.

Eventra’s software is used by many of the world’s leading and most profitable aerospace and automotive corporations. Everybody who has flown in a plane or driven a car has used items manufactured with Eventra’s Vendor Site supply chain software. Eventra software is also used in business intelligence applications for two of the three of the world’s largest credit card processing organizations as well as in other areas of equities and fixed income applications.

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Business Drivers

  • Onepoint was contracted to architect, design and implement the next generation of email archiving solution that will also improve Eventra’s ability to implement additional intelligent email processing routing capabilities and LDAP import.
  • Eventra also wished to avoid vendor lock-in to proprietary software.
  • Reduce cost of implementation and deployment.

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