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NRT Key Performance Indicator Case Study

Onepoint currently assists Network Rail Telecom in the analysis of its key performance indicators (KPIs) with a view to streamlining its management of information systems and decision-making at the level of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

Network Rail Telecom (NRT) is Network Rail’s national telecoms asset management
and service provision division. It provides telecommunication network services to Network Rail and the passenger and freight operating companies it serves. NRT was created to form a single, unified telecoms organisation to improve the effectiveness of deployment and use of resources. NRT presently owns all of the
company’s telecoms assets on the network side of the service demarcation point. Based in Milton Keynes, the HQ of Network Rail alongside other Network Rail services, NRT currently employs some 3,000 specialist telecommunications workers.

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Business Drivers

  • To establish NRT as the rail industry’s number one service provider of choice and to expand operations to become a significant player within the UK telecommunications sector.
  • The performance indicators used should be ‘living’, implying the need to replace or reframe the indicators as the business matures and strategic priorities change, both within individual business areas and collectively as a tier-one telecommunications business.

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