Data Services Client Case Study

Data Services Client Case Study (Web Scraping)

Onepoint helps clients to draw insights from business intelligence through scraping technologies.

Our client is the leading European provider of automotive data, insight and business intelligence services to global manufacturers, insurers, dealers, bodyshops and fleet and finance companies.

Business Problem

Our client required a highly scalable and reliable managed service platform to capture data from various data sources across Europe in order to provide comparative insights to their end clients, thereby facilitating an informed decision-making process.

The Solution

In order to provide such accurate, timely and competitive information, Onepoint built a data collection platform which can be scaled up to meet the demands of capturing data from multiple portals.

By keeping abreast of the wave crest of new technology and resolving other challenges, which would otherwise have prevented the flow of this vital information, we provided a managed service with 24-hour support throughout the year.

The platform integrates such technologies as Hadoop, Vert.x, and Aerospike, and has been in service around the clock for the past 5 years. Onepoint continues to actively incorporate new technologies to ensure that our solutions remain viable and competitive.

The Outcome

We have been successfully capturing and processing data in excess of 40 million records per month. The service has now been running reliably for more than 5 years. We have successfully achieved a stable platform, where upon new data sources can be rapidly included.

The client has been
able to use the data captured to take new products and services to market to increase their overall revenue streams.

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