Indian Telcom SDL Case Study

Indian Telcom SDL Case Study

Onepoint helps improve the digital engagement and commence customer experience journey for an Indian broadband and telecommunications company.

Our client is an Indian broadband and telecommunications company headquartered in Mumbai, India. A subsidiary of India’s largest private sector company, the group’s annual revenues is in excess of US$ 70.75 billion. It is the first telecom operator to hold pan India Unified License, with Broadband Wireless Access (‘BWA’) spectrum for commercial Long-Term Evolution (LTE) . It has been awarded with a Facility Based Operator License (“FBO License”) in Singapore. With an investment of $2.7 billion (18,000 crore) so far and an army of 10,000 strong employees it is one of the largest well funded startups.

The Business Drivers

Our Client set out to

  • Acquire and retain customers in a fiercely competitive market, the technology deployed was to enable the client to acquire several hundred million subscribers.
  • Gain and retain customer loyalty.
  • Get customers to become brand ambassadors.
  • Become a customer centric organization.
  • To embrace digital technologies to enhance customer experience.
  • Provide multiple channels for customers to engage.
  • Go the extra mile for the customer.
  • Use data to provide contextual and relevant customer experience.

The Challenge

  • Aggressive and challenging technical, human resource and go live deadlines
  • To implement a complex project value of several $million in record time to achieve significant market share of new 4G phone subscribers
  • Challenges in implementing the sophisticated suite of products from SDL
  • Providing a contextual and relevant customer experience for a clientele with varied personas, languages, cultures and buying habits
  • Producing and publishing content in multiple Indian languages
  • Providing contextual and personalized web experience
  • Providing contextual and personalized offers based on customer loyalty and behaviour
  • Analysing customer sentiments on social media and taking proactive action
  • Analyse customer feedback to improve product offering
  • The technology and suite of products deployed were too complex for the client to execute

All of the above challenges needed processes and tools that enabled:

  • Collection, storage and analysis of customer data to create a single customer view
  • Analysis of customer data to provide contextual and relevant campaigns
  • Analysis of customer data to provide personalized and optimized web experience
  • Monitoring and analysis of customer sentiments on social media

Onepoint’s Role

Onepoint stepped in, contracted by SDL from March 2015 and helped them to implement the whole suite of solutions, including helping them to meet the various deadlines leading up to the varous stages of launch. Onepoint sent a team of architects and engineers to help with the execution of customer campaign management and acquisition and technology development. We reviewed / identified project risks and issues based on the solutions implemented from SDL suite of products

  • Single Customer View
  • SDL Campaign
  • SDL Web
  • SDL Social Intelligence

The Solution

To implement the digital engagement and brand loyalty our client procured a customer experience management solution from SDL. The Figure below illustrates the solution.

Figure 1: Solution diagram

The solution comprises of the following key components:

Single Customer View: A repository containing customer master data and customer interactions

SDL Campaign: Component that manages and executes targeted marketing campaigns that can be delivered on customer channel and device of choice. The deployed solution targets campaigns via: Email gateways (SDL Email Gateway), SMS Gateway, Outbound diallers, Real Time decision engines and the web platform. The component additionally can analyse and report the performance of the marketing campaigns.

SDL Web: Component that provides a dynamic and personalized web experience across devices and languages. It is supported by the SDL World Server for language translation. It uses SDL Media Manager and Content Management System to store media and content.

SDL Social Intelligence: Component that leverages the largest data set in the world to uncover uncover insights about products, brands and competitors – all in real time and across 23 languages.

The Outcome

The deployed Customer experience management solution has enabled our client to commence their customer experience journey by

  • Understanding customer and his/ her needs
  • Enable customers to engage when they want, how they want
  • Listening to customer feedback across multiple touchpoints
  • Provide a contextual, seamless and personalized experience