Network Rail Telecom Case Study

NRT IT Transformation Case Study

Onepoint helps Network Rail Telecom in its IT transformation programme

Network Rail Telecom (NRT) is Network Rail’s national telecoms asset management and service provision function, It provides telecommunication and network services to Network Rail and the Train/Freight operating companies.

It has been created to design and deliver a new, single, unified telecoms organisation focussing, among other things, on improving the effectiveness of deployment and use of telecoms assets.

NRT owns all of the company’s telecoms assets on the network side of the service demarcation point.

Based in Milton Keynes HQ of Network Rail with other Network Rail employees totalling about 3000 employees.

Business Drivers

  • NRT wanted to focus on Strategy, architecture and roadmap of the OSS and BSS platforms to support the business objective of becoming a carrier grade communication provider.
  • Recommend IT Organization functions, structure, processes and tools aligned to proposed business and IT roadmap. Organise itself optimally and efficiently.
  • It wanted to offer Platform as a Service (Compute and Storage platform) to NRT business functions, offer Security Certificates, provide IT services such as Active Directory, DNS among others.

The Requirement

  • Understand the IT and BSS/OSS Systems vision, roadmap and implementation projects planned
  • Analyse/ Compare to IT Organizations of other UK Communication Service Providers
  • Adopt and adapt standard industry processes and frameworks
  • Govern the IT services to ensure they are aligned to business goals.

The Solution

The essence of our findings while carrying out the work was that for the System Architecture team to become effective instruments of change within NRT it was recommended that it develop:

  • An enterprise architecture management capability based on TOGAF
  • Define its service catalogue outlining services it can offer along with associated agreements
  • Adopt and adapt the Network Rail Portfolio Management capability GRIP to manage, assess and deliver business demand
  • Establish a framework of suppliers/ vendors/ partners with a view to source services and capabilities
  • Establish design, build and test capability based on EssUP enabling implementation of agreed portfolio items
  • Establish IT management method based on ITIL enabling transitioning of implemented services, managing changes, incidents and problems
  • Establish a governance and risk management framework based on ISO38500 and COBIT ensuring IT is aligned to business objectives and provides services compliant to regulations and within specified budgetary constraints
  • Evaluate and procure systems/ tools to improve and optimise the above capabilities

The Outcome

The recommendations lead to the creation of an organized structure to operate the recommended capabilities, measuring and continuously improving processes to execute the said capabilities.

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