Pharmaceutical Case Study

Pharmaceutical Case Study

Onepoint helps leading UK’s life science company with real time integration PoC project using Talend ESB

The client is a rapidly growing UK life sciences company pioneering a technology platform which uses human models of disease to study new drugs and investigate disease in a safe, controlled environment. Incorporated in 1988, they designed and built their own dedicated, bespoke quarantine unit in London, which opened in early 2011. Since this time, the scientific and medical teams have expanded substantially – they recorded a revenue of £2.9 million in June 2015.

Business Drivers

Onepoint was contacted by the client seeking to achieve the following:

  • Cost reduction and simplified IT operations
  • Improved data quality.
  • Provide an operating platform to integrate varied.
  • Increase the efficiency and decrease the overhead of contact centre officers

The Challenge

The client has contact centre officers operating different (disconnected) systems (cloud based CRM service and number of other databases) which contain related data and where data from the CRM system needs to also be entered into other software solutions. This is a time consuming process for contact centre officers who also have to deal with the multiple user interfaces of these systems.

The Solution

To solve the problems the client was facing it was clear that a real-time integration tool was needed that allowed data to flow from one system into another. For this the Talend ESB product was chosen. The solution included the following functionality:

  • Talend ESB exposing a REST service that was being called by the CRM whenever there was an insert or update of data.
  • The ESB service then calling back into the CRM fetching all information required.
  • Validating and transforming the fetched data.
  • Pushing the transformed data to the clinical trial system using a REST service.
  • The response from the clinical trial system service and/or any error messages are then written back into the CRM system informing the contact centre officer of the changes that have taken place.

The Outcome

With this solution all the success criteria of the PoC were met. As a result the client continued with the productionisation of the implemented solution. This cemented the decision to make Talend ESB a strategic platform and continue development for further integration of existing systems within the client’s organisation.