Travel and Leisure Client

Travel and Leisure Client Case Study

Onepoint successfully delivers a POC aimed at proving that the Talend MDM, ESB and DQ platforms can deliver a data pipeline which improves customer data quality across an entire organisation.

Our client is one of the world’s leading tourism groups. Under the umbrella of the group, they bundle in future a large portfolio of strong promoters, comprising 1,800 travel agencies and leading online portals, and six airlines with over 130 operational aircraft, not to mention some 300 hotels with 210,000 beds, 14 cruise ships and numerous agencies serving major holiday destinations around the globe. With this integrative service offering, they can offer their estimated 30 million clients unparalleled vacation experiences from a selection 180 prime travel destinations and resorts. In the fiscal year 2014/15 our client retained the service of over 70,000 employees and generated a turnover in excess of €20bn with an operating profit in excess of €1bn.

Business Drivers

  • Our client is in the middle of a major Customer Transformation Programme. As part of this transition process they are hiring and training new customer service agents within call centres and holiday resorts. This involves a cloud-based CRM implementation solution which is currently ‘in flight’. However, ensuring that they have correct customer data is essential for the success of this programme, and this is where Talend Master Data Management (MDM) comes to the fore.
  • MDM is crucial to the client’s efforts to deepen the scope of customer interaction across multiple channels as its business moves towards a customer centric view rather than a booking centric view. For example, average call handling times at the contact centre can be reduced, while on-line recommendations can be optimised and targeted for specific offers.
  • The client wanted to improve the data quality within its customer databases, so that duplicate customer records are not available within these databases.
  • We aim to ensure that cleansed customer data is propagated throughout all systems used by the client, including its CRM system and country specific customer databases.

The Requirement

Our client TUI’s main requirement is to have a clean customer database, within an MDM system, which is then “spread” across multiple databases across the organisation.

More specifically, TUI wants to implement an MDM system to serve as the ‘source of truth’ for the customer entity, one which is interconnected with its main CRM system and source market databases. This MDM system receives customer data from these sources and simultaneously propagates cleansed data to these systems via a series of triggers. TUI desires a system which can perform matching operations on a large data set comprising more than 60 million customers.

The Solution

In order to prove that Talend can improve the overall data quality of the TUI client’s customer data across multiple systems, five Talend mediation routes were implemented. Each of these routes is a segment of the overall data pipeline, interconnected by message queues, which receive data from the TUI client CRM system, then push the data to the MDM and ultimately merge customer records within the original CRM system.

The Outcome

  • We successfully implemented bi-directional updates between the SAP Cloud based CRM system and the Talend MDM. As a consequence;
  • A new customer record created within the CRM system is also created within the MDM system as a golden record.
  • When a new customer record was created in the CRM system and matched a record already present on the MDM system, the golden record within the MDM was updated and a merge command was sent to the CRM system to consolidate the two records into a new master retaining both versions for historical purposes.
  • The PoC involved the creation of 60+ million records within the MDM and an external fast-matching elastic search was used to narrow down potential matches before detail matching was conducted within the Talend MDM.

The successful PoC has confirmed the selection of Talend for the MDM and new project.

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