Our Tech

Our tech

We provide value-added services in our main focus areas of Ingestion, Data Store and Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics, which cover Data Management, Integration, Governance and Analysis Reporting.

All the above focus areas constitute near infinite possible combinations of people, processes and information pipelines. Considerations include upgrading current systems to integrating new ones; from governing and managing data, to integrating new data assets.  Analytics, dashboards and leveraging upgrades in technology are also in the mix.

Onepoint’s clients and collaborators trust us to efficiently connect them to their end goals, minimising risk, creating value and adhering to strict Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We understand that the requirements of each enterprise vary, depending on the business goals and data.

Our designs revolve around state-of-the-art technologies best suited to your requirements. We take much care in selecting the right tools and technologies to address the challenge at hand. You can be confident we’ll select the best performing technologies currently available, and we proactively keep ourselves updated with the emerging ones.

Machine learning and AI:​