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Our Approach

When our collaborators trust us to map out the best-fitting, best-value systems and tools for their business, they know we’re thinking about the whole business.

That’s our approach.

We recognise we don’t operate in a silo – what Onepoint do is one key step of many in helping a business evolve and succeed. Companies are the sum of their parts and we see technology as a foundation on which to build. It’s our job to benefit all parts of a business: the people and the processes as well as the profits.

Onepoint work with you to help you align your IT and wider business goals. We keep your business at the heart of our thinking, process and approach; before, during and after implementation.

Before a project

Onepoint can join a project at any time in its lifecycle. No matter the entry point, we help you to assess and define where you are – and where you want to be.

We help you detail your specific needs, goals, and any business milestones. We identify risks and blockages so we can map out solutions before work begins.

At the top of the project we deliver a value stream analysis, ensuring we set, and later meet, ambitious KPIs.

During a project

The methods we use are tailored to each individual client, and we take an open-minded approach. Alongside in-house expertise we use a range of working processes and open-source solutions to enhance what we do. We work fast and smart, minimising disruption to your day-to-day.

As digital architects we design and build bespoke solutions for complex, data centric business problems. These solutions can help you:

  • Effectively know and manage your data assets
  • Trust your data assets
  • Integrate data of different types, speeds and sizes
  • Leverage innovations in data technology to gain a competitive advantage
  • Visualise data assets; use them to learn, analyse, predict and make better business decisions

After a project

We like to build lasting, trusting, long term relationships with clients. Our team stay in support as you make the transition from the old to the new. We’re on-hand to ease that process, and to ensure you extract maximum value from new systems.

Through tutorials, learning sessions and workshops, we work with you and your teams so your business can simply get on with growing.


There’s complete flexibility when it comes to costs. Depending on the project, you may wish to enter into either a time and materials agreement, or a fixed cost agreement.

Should a time/ materials project come in under budget and/or before deadline, we cease charging even though budget has been approved.