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Our Story

We build digital worlds with our collaborators, to ensure all the worlds we live in reap the benefits.

Onepoint were established in 2005 to help companies transition into the digital world. Over a decade later we’re still doing it with energy and enthusiasm, working with many of the same clients and collaborators we’ve had since day one. And with some exciting, ambitious new ones.

In 2005, digital tools and systems were being rapidly phased in as forward-thinking companies embraced technology. With efficient, smooth and sturdy system architecture, we were able to help firms usher in a new era of lightweight processes to keep pace in a changing world.

Back in 2005, there was no Twitter, no iPhone and ‘The Facebook’ had just launched at Harvard. It’s fair to say that things have changed. In apps, big data, analytics, AI, AR, Bitcoin and Blockchain, today’s tech landscape feels exponentially more advanced.

Because it is. However, Onepoint’s core mission, approach and ethos haven’t changed, even if the size and scope of our work has.

We still combine expertise and insight with technology to create efficient systems that suit clients’ definite and specific purposes. We still transform companies’ digital infrastructures to help them glean maximum value with minimum waste.

We still encourage and assist clients as they adapt for a world run on big data, ensuring the integrity of their pipelines and sources, and the reliability of the data they use.

We continue to work closely with clients, building trust for the long-term, and harmonising the needs of the business with appropriate deployment of technology. We still help customers to diagnose the value, the ROI, and the risks ahead of implementation. We’re still on-hand to support before, during and after a project; leading workshops, tutorials and aftercare sessions.

We still offer transparent and flexible pricing based entirely on what clients need. Should a time/ materials project come in under budget and/or before deadline, we cease charging; even though budget has been approved.

We still create lasting, trusting relationships with advanced technology partners. And we still pass the benefits to clients all around the world. We still, often, outshine the industry’s biggest players in results, speed, price and passion.

We still believe in and help a range of local and global charities. And we still support people as much as we can, inside and outside our offices.

We continue to foster a uniquely special environment here. We promote meditation throughout the working day. We don’t see hierarchies – from new starts to veterans we want everyone’s perspective and we move forward as one. Our team is happy; our staff retention extraordinarily high.

Although we’re small, we strive to create a culture of diligence, care and trust. We believe in our people, our values, and our expertise. And we have done since 2005.