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We believe trust, teamwork and integrity are important. We build lasting relationships with everyone in our orbit, suppliers, collaborators, partners and colleagues.

Many of the Onepoint team have been here for a decade or more. Our commitment to trust, training and togetherness is evident in our approach and our work. As a team, we help businesses in all industries, including the non-profit sector, to excel and grow. We believe in contributing far and wide so all the worlds we live in can prosper.

Shashin Shah

Managing Director

Shashin has over 35 years' experience in delivering technology and strategies, architectures…

Simon Blandford

Linux Systems Administrator

Possibly the healthiest eater at Onepoint, Simon Blandford is an Electrical Engineering…

Laszlo Bogacsi

Java Developer

A latecomer to development, Laszlo Bogacsi – a qualified civil engineer –…

Gil Fernandes

Senior Software Engineer

Fluent in five European languages, and several more development ones, Gil Fernandes…

Lancy Mendonca

Enterprise Architect

A Computer Science grad with a BSc in Physics, Lancy Mendonca has…

Akshay Mridul

Senior Executive Business Development

Avid reader and adventure sports enthusiast Akshay Mridul is in a perfect…

Rajesh Patel

Service Delivery Manager

Rajesh is a citizen of the world in more ways than one.…

Alexander (Sasha) Polev

Enterprise Digital Architect

Sasha has extensive knowledge of open-source technologies and over 15 years’ experience…

Allan Schweitz

Enterprise Digital Architect

Allan Schweitz, an open source evangelist, has over 20 years’ experience working…

Navneet Singh

Assistant Manager, Digital Marketing

Not only is Navneet a ten year veteran at the coalface of…

Miguel Vale

Software Architect

Miguel is not just a Software Architect with more than 15 years’…

Sangeetha Viswanathan

Operations Manager

Fluent in Japanese, a Chemistry grad and Computer Applications Masters, Sangeetha joined…

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