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Allan Schweitz – Enterprise Digital Architect

With over 16 years’ experience, Allan has worked on projects for major organisations such as ING, Rabobank, Johnson & Johnson and AOL. He’s acted as an enterprise architect, technical team lead and senior developer. He is also an open-source evangelist with experience in shaping the architectural landscape for transitional/business change programmes.

Allan has delivered systems ranging from high performance web-enabled transactional systems to interactive work flow and business process solutions. His overriding passion is for big data solutions and analytics. Recent roles include:

  • Lead architect for the AOL Broadband online platform.
  • Member of the AOL Broadband architecture team for the transition programme and enterprise architect at EurotaxGlass’s, where Allan also oversaw the design of a data integration project using Talend.

Allan has a strong background in database and software development, with an affinity for open-source solutions. His latest interests include big data and NoSQL systems, in particular Hadoop-based technologies. He is currently a certified trainer for the Cloudera Developer and Administrator courses for Apache Hadoop.

Allan holds a BSc in Computer Science and his experience covers many open-source technologies and products, including:

  • Java EE.
  • PHP.
  • Apache.
  • Linux.
  • jBoss.
  • MySQL.
  • Talend.
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