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Miguel Vale – Software Architect

Miguel is not just a Software Architect with more than 15 years’ experience. The Portuguese native is a senior System Business Analyst who has travelled the world helping clients.

With an MSc in Computer Science and Engineering from Portugal’s most prestigious engineering school, Miguel has, throughout his career, systematically upskilled himself in order to handle more complex challenges. He has completed advanced-level training in Microsoft proprietary technologies, such as Microsoft Sharepoint, and open source technologies in the Talend suite.

Miguel has extensive experience working with web services and websites across different database engines, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, Aerospike, Elasticsearch and many others. He is able to work with complex integrations between systems, such as Tibco and BizTalk SOA, and with open source technologies such as Hadoop, Reactive, ETL and BPM technologies.

Miguel moved to the UK and joined Onepoint in 2012 after four years working on critical projects with GE Money, PT Telecom and TMN, the biggest mobile operator in Portugal.

At Onepoint, multiskilled Miguel wears several hats. He’s a mentor of young talent; helping to train up the next generation of systems specialists, he’s also a functional lead in complex projects and, when required, plays the role of testing lead.

Miguel’s passion is to bring IT industry quality standards in line with those of other engineering professions, not just to reduce the risk of failure – but to eliminate it altogether.