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Simon Blandford – Linux Systems Administrator

Possibly the healthiest eater at Onepoint, Simon Blandford is an Electrical Engineering grad, a Linux specialist, and an all-round technical expert.

Before joining Onepoint a decade ago, Simon worked as a design engineer for consumer and pro-audio companies such as Arcam, BSS Audio, Cambridge Audio and Micron Wireless – his designs even picked up some awards.

Today, Simon is a Red Hat certified engineer (at RHEL version 5), a Cloudera and MapR Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop, and a Talend Administrator. In the coding world he speaks many languages; having delivered projects in PHP, Perl, Javascript, C, C++, Chef/Ruby, Puppet and Bash, including embedded applications.

Recently, Simon worked on the automated deployment of Weblogic and Tridon onto Redhat 6 servers using Chef. He has worked with a Xen/SAN-based datacentre running almost 30 virtual servers and a VMWare infrastructure across three datacentres, hosting about 80 virtual servers; managed using Puppet and monitored using Nagios.

Simon has been practicing meditation for over two decades and, outside of Onepoint, he donates his time and skills to a non-profit organisation, providing live and recorded webcasting services. A great speaker and a better listener, Simon is an effective mentor and an asset in the workplace.