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Our Partnerships

Onepoint has longstanding partnerships with a broad range of leading technology platforms. Our close industry ties mean collaborators can access the best and most fitting, up-to-date solutions.

Our experience – combined with our team’s high level certification – ensures Onepoint is perfectly placed to offer independent advice, and to propose fitting answers to clients’ unique questions, using the best products in today’s market.


Founded in 2005, Talend is a next-generation leader in cloud and big data integration software. With over 750 employees worldwide – and annual revenue over $100m – Talend’s expansive product suite helps companies become truly data driven.


Snowflake is a cloud native data warehouse that delivers performance, simplicity, concurrency, and affordability not possible with other data analytics platforms.


Founded in Amsterdam in 2012, Elastic enables companies to cope with the demand of changing IT, and ensuring data is easy to compile and use in real-time. Elastic employees are spread across 32 countries and user numbers of the Elastic Stack are now in the millions.


Conceived back in 2000, neo4j is today used by thousands of organisations – from startups to FTSE giants – all over the world. The product enables organisations to unlock the value in data, and to adapt to changing business and market conditions.


Founded in 2008, Cloudera provides Apache Hadoop-based software, services, and training around core focuses in collecting and governing data, and machine learning, Cloudera today has 1,600 staff and major offices across four continents.


Born in 2007, mongoDB is a powerful indexing and database platform that eases data access and analysis – and serves as a development training platform. An open-source tool, mongoDB downloads have surpassed the 30 million mark.


A subsidiary of Dell, and founded back in 1998, vmware offers cloud computing and platform virtualisation software and services. With a 30-strong product suite and 20,000 employees across the world, it’s no surprise vmware revenue is in the high billions.

Confluent/ Kafka

Founded in 2014, Confluent streaming platforms, including Apache Kafka, enable companies to easily access data as real-time streams. Headquartered in Silicons Valley (San Francisco) and Roundabout (London), startups and Fortune 500 giants alike use the robust and scalable capabilities of Confluent products.

Seraro Solutions

Established in 2006, Seraro is an award winning technology company with a customer base spread across five continents. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Seraro specialises in providing Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Blockchain-based product engineering and custom development services.


Founded in 2001, RapidMiner was first released in 2006. It’s is a software platform which enables data science teams to prepare data and explore machine learning and predictive model deployment.

Our Memberships


DAMA – or the Data Management Association International – is a non-profit organisation started back in 1980. Its aim is to support, independently, data professionals – providing resources, networking platforms, educational tools and opportunities for global collaboration.

The British Computer Society

Onepoint subscribes team members to the BCS, The British Computer Society. Established in 1957, the BCS is a professional body comprised of 75,000 people. It binds and represents IT professionals, in the United Kingdom and worldwide, and operates under the motto: Making IT good for society.