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Rapidminer empowers businesses to easily mash up data, create predictive models and operationalise predictive analytics

RapidMiner is a software platform developed by the company of the same name that provides an integrated environment for machine learning, data mining, text mining, predictive analytics and business analytics. It is used for business and industrial applications as well as for research, education, training, rapid prototyping, and application development, and supports all steps of the data mining process including results visualisation, validation and optimisation. RapidMiner is developed on a business source model, which means that only the immediately previous version of the software is available under an OSI-certified open source licence on Sourceforge.

Use Cases for Rapidminer

Churn Prevention.
Customer Lifetime Value.
Customer Segmentation.
Next Best Action.
Predictive Maintenance.
Product Propensity.
Quality Assurance.
Risk Modelling.
Sentiment Analysis.
Up-selling and cross-selling.
Key Benefits of Rapidminer


  • Segments between loyal customers and those who are likely to leave.
  • Finds customers who will provide your business with future revenue.
  • Aligns marketing activities to your customers’ expectations.
  • Sends customers the right message on the right channel at the right time.
  • Predicts machine failures and plans maintenance measures accordingly.
  • Predicts what your customers will buy even before they know themselves.
  • Identifies product quality issues and resolves them before they become a problem.
  • Predicts and understands the risk potential of certain actions or events.
  • Identifies and extracts subjective information from textual content.
  • Deepens customer relationships by recommending the right mix of products.
Features of Rapidminer

Effortless Predictive Analytics – Immediately empowers analysts to anticipate opportunity and risk

Operationalise Predictive Decisions – Close the loop between insight and action

Wisdom of Crowds – Instant access to the expertise of the predictive analytics community

Modern Enterprise Platform – A modern, open, and agile enterprise platform for predictive analytics

  • Free trial and pricing available on request.
  • Rapidminer Studio.
  • Rapidminer Server.
  • Rapidminer Radoop.
  • Rapidminer Cloud.
Our Rapidminer solutions
  • open-source
  • commercial software for predictive analytics
Our Rapidminer consulting services
  • Software Lifecycle Management / Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • AWS Cloud Hosting.