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Our Technology Capability


Digital transformation, system architecture, data management – these terms can seem big and airy.

They can mean a near infinite number of things for people, processes and information pipelines: from upgrading current systems to integrating new ones; from governing and managing data to integrating new data assets.

There’s analytics, there’s dashboards and there’s leveraging upgrades in technology.

We do it all so our collaborators don’t have to. We want everyone to benefit from the best in digital, data and technology.

Onepoint clients and collaborators trust us to efficiently connect them to their end goals, whatever they are, avoiding risk, creating value and keeping to strict KPIs.

We tailor your very own roadmap to success, hand-picking and moulding the right tools, technologies and workflows to fit your objectives. Here’s some of them:


Talend has a wide range of software and solutions for data management, quality, integration and many other data disciplines. Talend’s data platform helps organisations to manage their data assets, and glean advanced and real-time data insight.


Yes, named after Franz, Kafka was developed by LinkedIn before going open source in 2011. Today it is a unified, high-performance means of handling data feeds; a way for businesses to process high-speed streaming data and harness it for use in real-time.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark is a high-performance engine for large-scale data processing, streaming, SQL, machine learning and graph processing. Spark reads and understands data from a huge range of sources and plugs into dozens of partner applications to bring that data to life.


Cloudera is a suite of products and tools that expose the opportunities and the profit potential in Big Data. Cloudera’s dexterous, open source platform is the most popular distribution of Apache Hadoop and related projects in the world.


MapR offers a complete set of data management tools, coupling real-time analytics with operational applications. MapR enables global access to a wide variety of data sources, a distributed file system, a multi-model database management system, and event streaming.


Hortonworks makes industry-leading enterprise platforms and cutting edge data tools. Chiefly concerned with data, Hortonworks’ open source products create and support data, distributing large datasets across computer clusters, efficiently and safely.


Elasticsearch is a high performance search server, a fully stocked library of billions of log lines of documents and data, whether structured or unstructured. Elasticsearch lets you step back and understand the big picture to explore trends and patterns in your data.


RapidMiner is a data science platform: an integrated environment for data preparation, machine learning, predictive analytics, text mining and deep learning. As a unified platform, it dramatically improves efficiency – saving time and boosting value – in any data science projects.