Traffic Control

This fast-paced world, with its endless data streams and demands, leaves brains frazzled. Many of us at Onepoint HQ benefit from a daily practice of meditation, not just avoid burn out, but to remain calm, contented and effective no matter what the day throws at us.

Particularly useful to keep balance during the day is a system called ‘traffic control’.

Manage the highways of the mind

Drive with your foot only on the accelerator, and you’ll start to move so fast you’ll miss turnings and loose direction. The journey will become ineffective, stressful, and dangerous for your well-being! Eventually, you’ll lose control and crash.  Not ideal.

Our mind is our most valuable asset, yet most of us don’t take time to look after it.  We don’t take our foot off the accelerator, let alone use the brakes, or pull over to take a breather.

At Onepoint HQ we play a minute or two of calming music throughout the office, every hour on the hour, as a reminder to take a minute out, to take a step back from whatever activity we’re involved in, to relax, refresh and recharge.  

Hitting the ‘pause’ button regularly works wonders for the mind.  Our creative ability relies on stillness and silence.  Amazingly, even a minute or two can make a positive impact on mental state and the feeling of well-being.  ‘Little and often’ really works to keep the mind balanced, which is handy because lack of time is often the main reason people don’t meditate.

How to do it well…​

Whilst simply stopping for a minute or two can be beneficial, it’s good to create a positive ‘mental scene’ to look at during your pit-stop.  Learn how to positively direct your thoughts and get the most from these short breaks.

To help you with this, we can recommend a couple of excellent free meditation apps:

Beezone (free)

This app provides a variety of tools to enable you to take a break from a racing, stressful mind and come back to calmness and focus.

Happidote (free)

Happidote (think happy antidote!) offers an easy way to access practical advice through simple guided meditations to help calm your mind and soothe the stress of work.

just-a-minute (free)

just-a-minute is all it takes to bring ourselves back to our natural state of inner peace and well-being. Learn to relax, refocus and re-energise in just one minute with ‘just-a-minute’ meditations.

Need more help?​

We’d be happy to talk to you to help you introduce ‘Traffic Control’ for your office. Free-of-charge of course.