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Onepoint technology discovery & accelerator workshops

Our workshops are intended to support any business and technology transformation initiative whether it be a specific technology that the organisation plans to implement to increase its effectiveness within a specific domain or a review of the current Enterprise architecture and its alignment with the business vision, goals and objectives.

Typical process cycle – Initial workshop – half day

The value chain for our discovery workshop is illustrated below:

  • Understand the goals, scope, key stakeholders and timeline of the transformation or the business/ technology problem. This can be achieved by:
    • Discussing with Subject Matter Experts
    • Reviewing existing specifications and documentation
    • Determine the VOC or VOB (Voice of Customer/ Voice of Business) issues and / or priorities
    • Understand & agree the metrics/ measurements that define success
  • Analyse the current landscape to identify solution gaps. This can be achieved by:
    • Discussing with Subject Matter Experts
    • Reviewing existing documentation
    • Understanding governing principles and technology constraints
  • Recommend an Action plan. The action plan could be
    • A Proof Of Value initiative
    • A proposal from Onepoint to support the transformation goals or resolve the business/ technology problems
    • High level recommendations that the organization can follow up.

We use outcomes from the first workshop to drive focus for follow-up sessions, and typically we structure a full days workshop over two half days to allow

Typical questions and discussion points that come up in our workshops are:

  • We want to move to leverage off cloud based architecture
  • We have data quality issues – what are the solution options
  • We have no ability to get a “single view of customer” in realtime – how would this be achieved?
  • We have latent analytics so know whats went on but want to get a better insight in realtime and predictive to get better control of client retention and marketing promotions ROI – can you help with this?
  • We need to be able to link up our data and integrate more of our applications to get better value from our IT investments and avoid the cost and disruption in replacing them to achieve this objective – what are the options here?
  • We don’t have any experience with machine learning technology what value could we expect to achieve from this and how long would it take to implement and get ROI?
  • What is involved in PoC, how much would it cost and how quickly could we complete a PoC and understand the viability?
  • We have never reviewed our architecture design Vs our business needs – can you help us with this and what is involved and what sort of costs are we talking about?

Where you feel your technology is not leveraging value at the scale and speed, you require consider joining one of our workshops, and we will walk you through the options, challenges, and solutions available.

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