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Our Business, Technology and Change Workshops

Onepoint offers free workshops for any companies or organisations before, during or after data or digital transformation projects – or those who they simply wish to understand their business’s needs for a new day.

We host workshops for half a day at our north London office, helping the teams at the coalface to get a 360-degree view of business, technology and change.

Our far-reaching, engaging workshop sessions help teams of any disciplines, any industry learn, understand and decode their business’s unique obstacles and objectives.

Typical process cycle

A sample structure of our workshops:


We begin by understanding the goals, the scope, the key stakeholders and the timeline of your data transformation project or business/ technology problem. We aim to do this by:

  • Discussing with your in-house experts
  • Reviewing existing specifications and documentation
  • Determining the VOC or VOB (Voice of Customer/ Voice of Business) issues and/ or priorities
  • Understanding, deciphering and agreeing the metrics/ measurements that will define the project’s success


We then analyse and understand at a high level your business’s current capabilities, data and system landscape to identify gaps in capabilities and areas for improvement. This is achieved via:

  • Consulting with your in-house teams to understand the current state of your capabilities, data and systems.
  • Reviewing documentation to see how and where your data is being measured and logged
  • Understanding the governing principles you’re employing and the technology constraints you’re working within


Knowledge gained from our workshops help us to create an action plans ahead of any data transformation activity. This can take the form of:

  • A proof of value initiative to outline why we believe the activity will work
  • A proposal from Onepoint to support the transformation goals and/ or resolve the business/ technology problems
  • High level recommendations that collaborators can implement themselves

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